Current Projects

Some of my development projects and hobbies that are in the pipe-line…when studies/time permit!:

CUDA / DirectX11 Implicit Surface Renderer

Platform: Windows PC

Description: This 3D rendering application will be an extension to my dissertation project, with the capability to produce ray traced / ray marched scenes in real-time. It will specifically be designed for rendering meshless implicit geometry using distance functions via the use of a UI to remove the need of extensive maths and programming knowledge for the user.

Progress: (Active)

Tech: C++, DirectX 11, CUDA 6.0



Untitled Game (post-apocalyptic theme)

Platform: Windows 8 Store (others to be determined..)

Description: Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic strategy / rogue-like game for Windows 8 devices. It’ll feature touch support as well as mouse and allow you to forge an empire across a desolate world that will use a lot of randomisation and “chance” to provide a dynamic event driven experience that means the game won’t ever play the same way twice.

Progress: Early prototype stage; a tile engine has been put together with touch screen scrolling of world map and event dialogue triggers, player movement etc. Random level generation with desert, hills, mountains and ruin terrain types implemented. A few art sprites have been made for the world map as shown in the below screenshots.

Tech: XNA/Monogame.

Early Screens (2013):



Platform: Windows PC.

Description: Sojourn is a short fantasy text-adventure game that is as much a creative writing exercise as it is a programming one. It’s a project I undertook in 2012 to further my experience with C++. Trapped in a strange and alien fantasy dimension you must wander the odd world you find yourself in and look for clues in your surroundings to explain why your there and how to escape back to normality.

Progress: The game is about 85% finished, the vast majority of the text is complete, there is just the end section to finish and put in a save system and menu. I’ll likely be re-coding this completely since after couple of years of uni and many projects under my belt there is much I now know that I didn’t when I started it. It shouldn’t be a big job at all given the basic nature of text-adventures.


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